Privacy Policy

The Foyost College Enrollment Visualizer is available in both a Free version and a Pro version.

The Free version limits visualization and analysis to groups of 100 students at a time. This version will completely delete all of the information that you send us about your students after you log out, or after 30-45 minutes of inactivity.

The Pro version is available by subscription. It allows visualization of unlimited students, the ability to supplement basic NSC-reported data with your own demographic information, and the ability to edit NSC-reported data to address unmatched or other incomplete data and ensure the accuracy of your statistics. You can save data sets for future analysis.

When you save student data in the Visualizer, we will never use or share personally identifiable information related to your students in any way without your written permission, unless we are compelled to provide that information as part of a legal proceeding of which you will be notified, if permissible. We will ensure that our employees and contractors protect your information with the same care that they protect our confidential information.

We may use anonymous information aggregated from the Visualizer database for our own research purposes. We may publish aggregate information that includes the information you provide us, but it will not include data that could identify your students, your organization, or any relationship between your organization and either students or other organizations.

Whether you’re using the Free or the Pro version of the Visualizer, we will save the information that you give us to create your account (your name and email address and any additional information you provide on the profile page), and we’ll use it to contact you with important information about your account. If you select to receive product updates at account creation, we will send you those as well. You will always have the option to unsubscribe from email updates.

This policy was last updated September 19, 2016.